Tag Manager for Publisher

Effortless implementation with one single TAG solution, customise and manage all your tags with one tag.

A better way to send money.

Manage all tags with one TAG

Reduce the latency, implementation cost with a single TAG request.

Deliver tags based on rules sets

Define the rules how to deliver the third party tags based on Time, GEO location, user language etc.

Deliver tags based on user's consent

Privacy is the new user experience, integrate with UniConsent consent management system, collect data before gaining consent.

Merge third party tags

Server side merging solution, merge thrid party tags into a single TAG request.

Easy-to-use real-time report and insights

Avoid losing money because of missing configuration. Manage your tags and get real-time multiple dimensional performance metrics and reports.

Cloud based availability

Optimise the page latency and relibility with our cloud based technology..
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